Profound Movement


Offering development training through mindful communication, staff development and corporate wellness.


Profound Movement focuses on mindful communication and well-being in the workplace.

You may be thinking: What does wellness have to do with my business or career, if I’m not in the health and wellness field?

Well the answer is: EVERYTHING!

Studies show that people who take care of themselves, and employers who take care of their employees, are more productive, and therefore successful. People who improve their inter-personal skills are also better able to communicate, problem-solve, mitigate and resolve conflict. The bottom line is: People are more productive and bound to achieve their goals when they have tools to manage their energy and refocus at work and in their daily lives. Since people spend most of their waking hours working, we need to remember that wellness as a lifestyle has its rightful place in the working environment.


How do we refocus and destress in the workplace? How do we improve the way we interact and communicate so that we remain energized?
The answers to these questions also encompass how we become more productive and successful.

That is why Profound Movement offers different plans that fit the needs of your organization.


If you are a business owner, Profound Movement invites you to sample these different approaches to boost morale, retain your key employees, and give your employees practical tools to reset and refocus.

DISC Training fosters understanding of and provides strategies to communicate with others. Mindful Movement sessions are efficient and effective for regaining physiological composure. Profound Movement also offers fun team-building exercises as well as de-stressing yoga classes or strength and conditioning sessions to meet your overall health, wellness and productivity needs!


Profound Movement’s mission is to help people feel productive and confident in all aspects of life.

Tap into your fullest potential and facilitate profound movement in your mind, body and career by contacting Profound Movement.