Profound Movement offers standard and customized training for large and small organizations to enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

All training sessions are designed to engage participants through activities and interactive discussions.

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Mindful Movement Designed for the Workplace

Recommended as Foundation

Profound Movement’s approach starts with a Mindful Movement practice, tailored to the professional environment. The goal is to allow your employees to reset, become centered and focused, and allow them to become more productive. Mindful Movement sessions are for any size group to experience peace in a professional environment that can be performed anywhere, even sitting in an office chair. Mindful Movement also incorporates a breathwork and meditation component that is proven to lower stress levels and increase confidence by improving posture, body language and inner dialogue.

A consistent Mindful Movement practice will improve morale by giving individuals the tools to create lasting, positive habits that impact work, family and daily interaction.


DISC Training

DISC Essentials for Mindful Communication

DISC Essentials creates an understanding of the basic personality styles and tendencies. The goal is for all individuals to understand and identify the strengths of their own style, and recognize other styles and their strengths. Awareness of this diversity allows for non-judgmental cooperation that is needed in the organization. This session provides tools for individuals to adapt and communicate more effectively with each individual’s style, whether similar or different. DISC Essentials provides the foundation for teamwork through understanding one’s self and others.

ReDISCovering Conflict

ReDISCovering Conflict delves deeper into conflict management, using the DISC styles. It further examines different motivators and means of communication in the workplace. Differences do not have to result in conflict, especially if we know how to communicate to individuals with different styles. Conflict can then be viewed as a manageable challenge rather than a seemingly impossible problem. ReDISCovering Conflict facilitates team building by enabling individuals to build on strengths rather than attack weaknesses.

Prerequisite: DISC Essentials


Staff Development Training

Profound Movement helps organizations address specific areas of improvement. Some popular topics include leadership development, professionalism and supervisors/managers training. If you are looking to overhaul your Policies and Procedures Manual, review general anti-harassment, general sexual harassment, or other sorts of training for Human Resources. Profound Movement can incorporate those topics to provide a custom training for your employees.

Recommended Pre-requisite: DISC Essentials and ReDISCovering Conflict


Custom Corporate Yoga/Movement Class

If you are looking to provide yoga to your employees either during working hours, for an after-work activity, event or social gathering, Profound Movement can work with you to curate a class that will be tailored to the level and style you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a restorative, relaxing, more meditative session or a high-energy, challenging, fun class, we can collaborate to make it happen!